JETI's Online Seminar Series on Business, Finance and Climate Change:
How Sustainable Finance/Taxonomy Policy Can Drive Real Impact
The EU and Japan's Approaches Compared

Date: Thursday 27th May, 2021
Time: 16:00 – 18:00 (JST) / 08:00 – 10:00 (BST)
Format: Zoom Webinar with simultaneous translation for Japanese-English
Cost: Free

Hosts: Japan Energy Transition Initiative (JETI)
Audience: Targeting business, finance, think tank/research, media, and policy leaders active on sustainable finance and taxonomy-related issues.

JETI Conference Outline

This online conference series is a gathering of senior leaders from business, finance, policymaking and think tanks to discuss issues and solutions towards driving innovation in policy towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. A particular focus will be on greater multi-stakeholder participation in climate change solutions in Japan. A desired outcome is that the conference will trigger new partnerships and practical ideas around climate policy innovation among stakeholders from business, finance, research, and policymakers. Participation will be free of charge but limited to individuals active in driving solutions and innovation in their fields (business, finance, think tanks/research, policy makers).


The EU's Taxonomy and related sustainable finance policy mechanisms are emerging as a key tool to drive climate action in finance and the real economy. This online seminar will review the latest trends in the EU and Japan on sustainable finance and taxonomy-related policy measures. The panels will discuss the pros and cons of different approaches, the risks associated with regional systems emerging independently of each other and the need for ambitious finance related policy that will result in impact in the real economy.




Opening Remarks (5 min)

Global Context
Mariko Kawaguchi, Assistant to CEO, Fuji Oil Holdings Inc., Specially Appointed Professor, Rikkyo University

Presentation (60 min)

Keynote 1
Marcel Haag, Director, Horizontal policies (DG FISMA), European Commission
“EU trends and Commission's agenda on sustainable finance policy” (TBC)

Keynote 2
Satoshi Ikeda, Chief Sustainable Finance Officer, Japan Financial Services Agency
“Japan’s current situation on sustainable finance and the taxonomy” (TBC)

Presentations from the speakers
Rintaro Tamaki, Chairman, Japan Center for International Finance
Title TBC

Major Business Federation in Japan (TBC)
Title TBC

Rebecca Vaughan, Programme Manager, InfluenceMap
“InfluenceMap’s analysis on EU’s taxonomy and corporate engagement” (TBC)

Panel Discussion (30 min)

Comparison of sustainable finance and taxonomy-related policy measures in the EU and Japan - pros and cons of regional approaches, risks, and the need for ambitious finance related policy in the real economy. (TBC)
All speakers

Audience Q&A (15 min)

All speakers






Fuji Oil Holdings Inc. / Rikkyo University
Mariko Kawaguchi
Assistant to CEO & Specially Appointed Professor



European Commission
Marcel Haag
Director, Horizontal Policies (DG FISMA)



Japan Financial Services Agency
Satoshi Ikeda
Chief Sustainable Finance Officer



Japan Center for International Finance
Rintaro Tamaki



Major Business Federation in Japan (To be confirmed)
Name TBC
Position TBC



Rebecca Vaughan
Program Manager